Course Program

Business Fundamentals Framework РThe Startup CEO BFF

The objective of the Structure Strategy Framework is to help you analyse a problem structurally, so you can pinpoint the cause and determine the best course of action.


Module 1 – Introduction
Economics for CEOs
The Organisation
For-profit organisations (FPO)
Not-for-organisations (NFP) 
Module 2 –¬†Structured Strategy Framework Overview
Top Level: Profitability
Second Level: Profit Drivers
Third Level: Building Blocks
Fourth Level (and below): Nuts & Bolts
Module 3 – Revenue
Internal Factors Analysis – Product
Internal Factors Analysis – Company
External Factor Analysis – Customers
External Factor Analysis – Competitors & Competition
Organic Sales Analysis – Competitors
Inorganic Sales Analysis – M&A – Money Side
Inorganic Sales Analysis – M&A – Human Side
Module 4 – Cost
Productivity Analysis – Plant
Productivity Analysis – Human Capital
Productivity Analysis – Material
Productivity Analysis – Overhead
Module 5 – Building Blocks (Part 1)
Barriers to Entry
Substitutes, Complimentors & Collaborators
Module 6 – Building Blocks (Part 2)
Vertical & Horiztonal Integration
Perfect Competition
Other Types of Competition
Module 7 – Conclusion
Final considerations + Q & A Session

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